How I Became a Latin Dance Teacher?

Every dancer starts from being a beginner. It’s a hobby that sucks you in and you can lose yourself dancing and feel free. Everyone dances for the different reasons but the fact is that those people who do dance, they enjoy it. I started thinking that I have two left feet and after the years went by I am now a promoter and an professional Latin dance teacher.

Where did my journey start you’ll ask? It all started here, in the North East of England – Newcastle. The place I call home.

Why did it work for me?

Becoming an professional Latin dance teacher took a lot of dance training by renowned and well qualified dance instructors, participating in courses designed for teachers, and tons of practice alone and with a partner. It does require a huge investment in your dancing skills to become an effective dance teacher. Investment such as 1 to 1 training, teaching certifications, traveling in order to attend Latin dance festivals and many more other ways to invest in yourself to gain new skills, knowledge and experience. 

I started like everyone else…

Now I will take you through my dance journey. It all started from attending my local salsa nights in Newcastle. This is where I found a passion for Latin dancing and attended my first beginner classes. Did I know at this very moment that I will potentially become a dance teacher? Hell no! I honestly believed during this moment I had two left feet, which is quite common to think, when you start dancing salsa for the very first time. 

As I started to attend more and more events and learn from different Latin dance teachers, I started to witness a rapid improvement and started to enjoy myself even more during social dancing. This was a moment, when I started to see a glimpse of being a potential Latin dance teacher

How I became a Latin dance teacher

After one year of continuous dancing, I decided to join a performing team choreographed by two exceptional dance teachers Sol & Laura. This decision was inspired by attending their bachata classes, which captured my attention. Of course, I was very intimidated and had a low confidence, as I only had a few classes in this particular dance style/genre. But with practice everything is possible, I am a strong believer in “what you put in is what you get out”. So, our team had our first Latin dance (bachata specifically) performance, and it was outstanding! 

This is the time when I started to believe that I could potentially become an international performer or dance teacher. I started to test myself at an advanced level classes and started to practice even more. I set some aims for myself, of which one was to perform on an international stage. Was I crazy thinking about performing internationally? Not at all! Setting big goals and then working towards achieving them is an excellent way to develop yourself even further. After attending a boot camp by International renowned bachata artists Frank Santos and Amneris Martinez, I was selected to perform in one of the biggest international festivals in the world called “El Sol” in Warsaw, Poland.

Invest in yourself

This was the moment I said to myself that I want to become a Latin dance instructor. I started to heavily invest in learning from all the great dance teachers around the world. I was rapidly elevating my dance skills in both salsa and bachata. With increasing confidence and experience, my popularity grew more and more on the social dance floor and I started to inspire others and be a perfect example of how the hard work pays off and that once a beginner now become a close to professional.

I was approached by a local dance organizer and asked whether I would like to start teaching in his events. Was I excited about teaching Latin dancing for the very first time? No! I was extremely nervous and anxious leading up to the event. I can remember sweating before I even started to teach and blamed it on the lack of air conditioning! So, at that very point, I did my best and taught my first class! The results were excellent and the feedback I received was incredible, which helped me to gain more confidence for the next time I teach.

How I became an professional Latin dance teacher

The more I started to teach Latin dancing, the more my popularity started to increase as a Latin dance teacher. I had more and more students attending my workshops, which led to a big success in the events I was a part of. At this point, I was approached by another successful organizer to start teaching in his events. I knew at this point that taking part in a bigger event would allow me to achieve a lot more exposure as a Latin dance teacher in my local Latin dance scene. Teaching became a regular practice with this organizer and I started to teach in all of the local regular Latin dancing events, including the famous Black Swan. 

I have now become an professional Latin dance teacher and at the same time still managed to have a balance with my other commitments, such as my employment. At this moment, I was travelling every weekend to attend Latin dance events and festivals around Europe. I was inspired by all the international Latin dance events and artists. I was thinking of many possible ideas during this time and asking myself questions such as; 

  1. How can I grow as an artist and inspire others? 
  2. How can I get an opportunity to teach at a festival? 
  3. How can I develop Newcastle to the same dancing level as some of the other cities in the UK? 
  4. How can I bring some of the best international artists to inspire the dancers in Newcastle?

When the dreams come true

The answer was Latin Force for all questions. I started to organize my own Latin dancing events alongside my friends and taught in my own events. At the same time, we’ve invited world-renown artists to teach. In my first event I had over 120 attendees in my class. I knew at this point that I can grow rapidly as a dance instructor. I have no limits or restrictions now!

As Latin Force went strength to strength, I also grew as a Latin dance instructor in the UK dance scene. I was invited to teach in some well-known and long-lived events having a good reputation within the Latin dancing scene. Here are some examples: Scottish Salsa Congress, Marrakech Salsa Congress, Bachaadiction Festival, and more. This is when I achieved my ultimate goal. The journey now continues as a Latin dance teacher, aiming to share my passion with as many students around the world as I can. Everything is possible when you put blood, sweat, and tears to achieving your goal!

I became a dance instructor but at the same time, I have also become the founder and owner of Latin Force Dance Company. I will share my experience as a dance promoter in my next blog! Stay tuned and keep dancing!

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